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BulletLiner Denver Company is a distributor of the highest quality materials and guarantees the quality and consistency of its products. The advanced polyurethane/polyurea formulation is designed to set in about 3 seconds. The high pressure, heated application assures that all contours of the truck box are coated evenly and without drips or runs. Also, a factory look finish, with even, consistent texture makes BulletLiner Denver the best looking liner on the market! Factory colour matching is an option if you want real truck box protection with the perfect custom look!

Products and Services

Sprayed in Bedliners:

Carrying a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship, our Bedliners are sprayed in under high pressure and high heat. They are 90% cured within 5 seconds and fully cured in 24 hours. They have 30% more UV protection against fading than other spray-in liners.

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Color Matching:

Unlike our competitors, our color matching has UV protection against fading. We use a Two-Step Color Matching Process. First we closely match the bedliner material to the color ofthe vehicle. Secondly, we Top Coat the liner with factory matched paint including an added binder and hardener to adhere the Top Coat to the liner material. The result – a great looking, near perfect match to your paint.

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Window Tinting:

We can tint your windows to make your ride not only look great, but it will also keep you and your interior cooler in the hot summer months. Window tinting also helps protect the interior of your car from the harmful UV rays of the sun. We use only the finest tint material available.

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Clear Bras:

Protection for hood, headlights, fenders, quarter panels, parking Iights, and virtually any surface that is at risk from rock damage, clear bra film can be applied to any automotive surface to protect your paint from rock chips. You can even apply it to your rear bumper to protect the paint from rocks that your OWN rear tires kick up. Made from a strong, clear/3M urethane clear coat film that is capable of protecting your car or truck from road rash. A protected surface coating can keep your vehicle looking new.

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Truck Accessories:

We carry a full line of Truck Accessories to meet all you customizing needs. From bug shields to suspension lift kits, if you want it, we can provide and install it for you. We also carry a full line of Toppers, Tonneau Covers, Mud Flaps, and Trailer Hitches.

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