Why BulletLiner Denver

Why Choose Us

High Quality Engineered Materials

BulletLiner Denver Bedliner’s sprayed-in coatings are composed of a specially engineered polyurethane formula designed to be a thick and durable, slip resistant, permanently bonded protective coating. Our special formula is a two component, 100% solid (no VOC’s or CFC’s) polyurethane, and can withstand temperatures of -60ºF to 200ºF. The result is an outstanding spray-on coating that is easy to apply, looks great, and is able to withstand the harshest conditions for years to come.

Perfected Application Process

Unlike other application systems which produce a stucco look with inconsistent texture, BulletLiner Denver uses a high pressure heated application, giving the product a factory quality finish. We apply a smooth, consistent texture which is extremely durable to impacts and scratch resistant. The material sets up on contact, allowing easy application to vertical or inverted without drips or runs. Our material moulds tightly to every contour of your vehicle, ensuring that any accessories, toolboxes, 5th wheel hitches, toneau covers, etc. will still fit right in!

Superior Protection

Plastic box liners tend to warp with heat, or can crack with freezing temperatures. As they deform, they can vibrate and , and they are not skid resistant, which can cause damage to your load and to your truck. BulletLiner Denver Bedliner’s high-quality material instantly bonds to the coated surface and permanently seals both air and moisture out! Abrasive material and moisture trapped beneath a plastic drop-in liner will cause rust and corrosion of the box, defeating the purpose of a liner.

Simplified Installation

The application process takes only a couple of hours and your truck is ready for use, although 24 hours is recommended before heavy usage. Because the liner is sprayed in, we drill no holes and no mounting hardware is needed. You can be sure that with BulletLiner Denver you have the best protection for your investment.

Customized Color Matching

You don’t have to just settle for a plain black coating. We can mix virtually any color you can imagine, or we can match your vehicles color exactly using factory color codes, even metallic and pearlescent finishes. Add our factory colour match or “over rail” protection for the ultimate customized liner.

Built-In Value

Our coatings are guaranteed to last, and will add permanent value to your vehicle when it comes time to resell it. You can be assured that your BulletLiner Denver coating is an investment in quality and will pay for itself in the long run.

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